Bringing Snail Mail Back

Bringing Snail Mail Back

Bringing Snail Mail Back Bringing Snail Mail BackBringing Snail Mail Back

We are in 2018 and most people do not send handwritten letters anymore. My grandmother even sends me e-cards for holidays. Christmas comes and we do not get nearly as many cards in the mail as we once did. Personally, I love stationary and sending cards with handwritten notes. If they are just because or for birthdays and special occasions. I can’t wait to design my wedding invitations, calling all the glitter and gold foil please. Basic Invite makes bringing snail mail back incredibly easy.

Bringing Snail Mail Back

Basic Invite makes it super easy to create your own stationary, business card, invitations and even holiday cards! There are pre-made designs that you can alter as well as change the color to almost any color. In the card that I designed I changed the colors of the flowers and the font color. If you do not like the already made designs you can even upload your own or a photo that you would like to use as the background.

Sending snail mail is a thing of the past but it really should be brought back in 2018! I am super excited to use these cards to send love notes to my family. I loved how I could customize a design to my wants and needs. The original card was a thank you card in Spanish but I just loved the design. I changed the words, kept the floral wreath and changed the colors. It was super easy to do and I even did it all on my phone. You can also have your return address printed on the envelopes as well which makes everything a lot easier.

Another fun option with Basic Invite is that you can choose the envelope color! Isn’t that amazing?I chose cotton candy because I love pink but they have over 40 of options. They also have an address capturing service. It is super easy to use. You basically send a link to your friends and family via Facebook and they upload their address and once your list is complete their address will be printed on the envelopes. No need to search your old roll-a-deck to find your third cousins address. I cannot wait to use them for a party invitation in the near future!

Do you plan on sending handwritten letters to your loved ones this year? I would love to hear if you do and if you design a card with basic invite!


Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. 

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