Comfy Cozy Chic

comfy cozy chic

comfy cozy chic comfy cozy chic comfy cozy chic comfy cozy chic comfy cozy chic

With the weather being so strange lately here in Atlanta I have had to change my outlook on picking what to wear. It is not super cold anymore but it isn’t yet warm enough to wear sundresses or rompers. I am also a major fan of clothes that are comfy. Even this sequined top that I love is super flowy and not skin tight.

Style Tip: The key to a comfy cozy chic look is a great pair of leggings and something fuzzy. As well as layering because you never know when the temperature can change throughout the day so you have to be prepared.

I absolutely love my spanx leggings and if I could wear them everyday to work I honestly would. Unfortunately I am not able to unless I wear a dress so it doesn’t happen as often since I would rather wear pants to work. This vest is my fuzzy item that is perfect. It is warm and long so it will cover your butt if that is your concern while wearing leggings.

If you don’t know already I always have to throw in a pop of color somewhere. This peplum long sleeve top is perfect for this type of weather. It is that waffle type texture which is always warm and is great to layer. Also who doesn’t love peplum’s?!


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February 9, 2018
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