Guide to Nashville

Guide to Nashville

Nashville is like my second home. My grandparents live there so we travel there quite often. I have grown to love this city so much and sometimes wish I was from there. I lived there one summer for an internship at Vanderbilt and fell in love with the city once again. There are so many new areas popping up that did not exist when I was younger so its exciting to re-discover the city now that I am older. Nashville is such a key southern city to visit so here is my guide to Nashville including some of my top favorite spots to visit when in Nashville!

12th Street South

Guide to NashvilleGuide to Nashville

12th street south is home to several murals on the wall crawl of Nashville, here are two that I took a photo in front of! This is such a new area to me. I discovered it a couple years ago while visiting my grandparents. There is shops, restaurants as well as dessert all on one street!! My favorite restaurant Bar Taco is over there as well as Sprinkles cupcakes, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and a Taqueria Del Sol! Reese Witherspoon even opened up a store there called Draper James. It is the epitome of Southern Style, so it’s a definite store to visit and it also has that great blue and white striped wall on the side for photos! They even give you sweet tea as you walk in the door.

Hillsborough Village

Guide to NashvilleGuide to Nashville

Hillsborough Village is such a fun place to visit. There are so many cute boutiques, restaurants and even murals! My favorite boutique to go to is called Pangea, its a very eclectic store with all sorts of gifts, jewelry and clothes. There is also a location of Jeni’s Spended Ice Cream which is now my favorite ice cream place to go to! Its definitely a cute stop to visit while visiting Nashville.

Green Hills Mall / Hills Center

The Mall at Green Hills is one of the best malls in Nashville other than Opry Land which is more of an outlet mall. It has the big department stores like Nordstrom and Tiffany’s but they also have J.Crew and other chain stores. I love it because it has pretty much everything you can think of so you can do all of your shopping in one place! Hills Center is a new outdoor shopping mall that is right down the street. They have all sorts of stores including Kendra Scott and even Sephora! It is fun to go to outdoor shopping malls sometimes but in the summer you may just stick with the indoor mall to be safe.

The Parthenon

Guide to Nashville

This is such a touristy place to go to but its also just a place you have to visit if you have never been to Nashville! It is a historical museum but also a beautiful park. They even have a large pond with geese to feed, a garden with beautiful flowers and great landscaping. I was there on a super hot day so there were snow cone stands all around the park which was quite fabulous. I have been going to this park every since I was little and every time I am in Nashville we go walk through it or drive by at night to see the lights shine on the Parthenon.

Five Daughters Bakery

Guide to Nashville

The donuts here are heavenly!! They are flaky, filled with cream and topped with the perfect frosting to pair with the donut flavor. I personally loved the maple glaze donut! They even have vegan options which is perfect so everyone can enjoy 5 daughters bakery. There are several locations that sell 5 daughters bakery donuts like Barista Parlor! This is one of the top 5 of my favorite donut spots.

xoxo, Danielle

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