How To Manage A Full Time Job and Run A Blog

Having a full time job is one thing that they did not prepare you for in college. I remember spending months applying until I finally got offered a position. They do not tell you how much stress it causes as well as how much of that stress comes home with you after the day is over. Yes, you do have enough money to pay for your own bills finally and live on your own. For some reason that is not a luxury anymore. I am constantly wishing I was still in college living the easy stress free life. Becoming a blogger was ultimately a side hobby slash a way to have a creative outlet outside of school and work. I am going to give you a taste into my world about how to manage a full time job and run a blog.

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Time management is your friend!

Creating a content schedule and sticking to it is a must. I have so many things going on that I really have to make sure I stick to the schedule. Finding time for creating content which includes taking styling shoots, taking photos, getting photos taken of me as well as putting together outfits. There is also time scheduled specifically for writing the blog post or caption for Instagram post. Each one of those things take a lot of time and effort so it really has to be managed effectively.

I do A LOT of that on the weekends. Sometimes I have time after work or if we have a day off to take care of it but about 90% of it happens during the weekend. Fighting for sunlight is a struggle currently until it is spring. It is very hard to take photos during the week even if I get off work at a decent time because of how dark it gets so early. I would say if you work full time that most of your content creation will take place on the weekend.

Divide and Conquer

A lot of this comes from creating a priority list. Somethings you just have to say no to or put aside for another day. There are not enough hours in one day to do everything so you really have to prioritize each item. Some projects that you just have to decline because you do not have time to do it successfully. For specific deadlines you must carve out time to get it done and maybe that means cutting out a girls night out. I will say you can sit and write a blog post while watching Netflix which is my favorite thing to do!

You will make time for what you love to do

Working full time, studying for the MCAT and having a blog is A LOT to have on one plate. Sometimes I do not even understand how I make time for certain things like working out or cooking dinner. There are so many events to go to as a blogger or content you have to create alone aside form just positing about it. Having a blog is a way for me to get away from the stress of my job and studying for medical school. Finding time to blog is hard but because it is what I love to do, I make it work. I may sit and take a couple hours out of my study time to create a blog post, shh don’t tell, but that is what I have to do sometimes to fit it all in.

If I did not have a passion for fashion or blogging I probably would have fallen off this wagon a long time ago. I have not quit yet and I hope to continue to create content for you guys! Maybe one day I can go full time but right now it is not possible.


Do you have a blog and work full time? I would love to check yours out! Or if you are wanting to start a blog and work full time feel free to email me and reach out if you have any questions.


January 16, 2018
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    Oh my gosh. I want to. I should. When I get home, my bed and pillows call me and I forget about the world. I love your outfit ♥

    January 19, 2018 at 2:24 AM
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