Loving The Skin You’re In

Loving The Skin You're In

Loving The Skin You're InLoving The Skin You're InLoving The Skin You're InLoving The Skin You're InLoving The Skin You're In Loving The Skin You're InLoving The Skin You're In

Photos by: Jnelly Photography

Heels: Sam Edelman | Dress: Asos, similar | Clutch: Vera Bradley | Earrings: Kendra Scott |

I ultimately was never going to post a full blog post with this dress because I did not think I looked very good in any of the photos. I thought to myself “Why didn’t I suck my stomach in or wear spanx”. I took these photos in October and I think that I have lost some weight since then BUT who cares!! This dress is beautiful and I should have loved these photos right in the beginning. I am learning to love myself for who I am and accept that I have flaws, aka my back rolls of fat or double chin, and that I may not feel like I am shining like a diamond in every outfit but at the moment of taking these photos I certainly felt like I was sparkling. I hope to inspire you to love the skin you’re in.

Stop dulling your own sparkle

It was only until I viewed the photos that my sparkle dulled. The saying “don’t let anyone dull your sparkle” is one of my favorites to live by but for some reason I was the one dulling my own sparkle before anyone else could. Judging my own body is definitely a weakness I can admit to having. I have to correct myself every time! I have started going through some thought changes which have helped me so far. It even got me to a place where I felt comfortable posting these photos. The little demon on the left side of my shoulder is still saying “You should have worn spanx” but I am tuning her out. I look awesome in this dress and no one can tell me otherwise.

No one is perfect

I think we all struggle with the inner child wanting to be a barbie but we have to suppress that thought. We have to be thrilled that we are not flesh and bones and accept ourselves for who we were made to be. I have broad shoulders and large feet. I also love to eat so even though I work out twice a week I still believe everyday is cheat day so I will most likely never get into bikini body shape ever but I am coming to terms that is okay as long as I am healthy.

Love the skin you are in

Try to say something complimentary to your self in the mirror every morning. This definitely helps me get a positive start to my day and helps me feel great about myself. Sometimes I am like wow girl you look amazing in that dress! You just have to find a way to uplift yourself about how you look in order to get past the negative thoughts about imperfections. You are probably the only one who notices them anyways.

Loving yourself = confidence

Beauty comes in many many different shapes and sizes.I have always been told that I have to love myself before someone can love me and I am taking that very true to heart this year. Loving yourself creates confidence and men love that. We all deserve to be loved and treasured.

What do you do to help glorify the skin you are in?

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