Pretty In Pink – How To Wear and Style

Pink is one of my favorite colors but I hardly ever wear it which is somewhat surprising. I wear a lot of neutral colors besides my random super bright yellow items or my silver sequined top. So wearing pink is something that rarely happens. To be honest I probably only have 5 items in my closet that are pink. It is slowly growing and you will see that in this post. I want to help you find a way to add pink into your wardrobe! There are many ways you can do this. Very subtly or very va va voom. I am going to show it all.

Pink Accents

Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and StylePretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style

 | Top/Dress | Shoes, similar | Earrings |

Photos By: Jnelly Photography

If you are not FULLY committed to wearing a lot of pink I would suggest going this route. Picking an item that has pink in the background but it is not the focal point of the piece. This dress/tunic (too short for me) has a light pink background and then the pineapples overpower the pink. If you are not looking at it the right way it may not even appear pink to you! So it is a safe way to incorporate pink into your wardrobe slowly. I also put on some pink beaded tassel earrings that give a small pop of pink as well.

Casual Pink 

Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style

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These pants are very light pink so you can really get away with wearing them to work without being stared at by a coworker. They are also super duper comfy. This top had small hints of the same shade of pink in the flowers so I was able to wear a pattern with a fun colored pant. If you want to take it down a notch I would suggest wearing a solid color top or a patter that isn’t as colorful as the pink pants. But let’s be real who doesn’t love pink pants? I have two other pairs in different shades.

Office Pink

Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style

| Blazer | Top | Leggings | Shoes | Clutch |

Photos By: Jnelly Photography

When you think of business casual you usually stay within the realms of neutral colors. I on the other hand stretch it to the limits. I found this pink blazer and immediately wore it to work the following week. Even though I wear a lab coat most of the time I am at work , I am a clinical research coordinator for oncology clinical trials, I still find time to make my outfit shine at work, I talked about it in a previous post. I usually wear a blazer or jacket on the days I do not have to wear my lab coat because it is just such a hassle taking it on and off. What I love about this jacket is the gold buttons and how flattering this blazer is! My shoulders are so wide that I always have to size up and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. It will fit my shoulders but not everywhere else. So thumbs up to J.Crew for always having a blazer that works for my body type. This is a pretty bold statement piece but it is also removable. So if you are super confident in wearing this but then maybe everyone is wearing navy blue in the office you can take it off and conform OR wear it in full confidence and shine like the star you are!!

Va Va Voom Pink

Pretty In Pink - How To Wear and Style

| Top | Jeans | Shoes | Earrings |

Photos By: Dasha Crawford

This is your all in or nothing outfit. Full on sequins, sparkle and pink. This top is what you need to take the amount of pink in your wardrobe to level 100. I absolutely love this top and I honestly would wear it every week to work because it just makes me so happy. It is super fun to wear, you will get compliments on it the entire time its on. It is honestly an ego booster. Since this top is super glam I would wear it with black jeans or leggings so that you do not over shadow the top. The bell sleeves honestly make this top even better than it could ever be. I will definitely be wearing this on Valentine’s Day even though I am 100% sure I will not have a date and I will be at home watching Netflix but while wearing this top.


Hopefully you will try some sort of pink in your life soon! I would love to hear how you plan on adding a pop of pink into your life in the comments.

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