Starting 2018 With My Best Foot Forward

Starting 2018 With My Best Foot Forward

Every year we talk about how we want to do x,y, and z to change our habits in the new year. One thing that I am adamant about for myself is starting 2018 with putting my best foot forward. I want to do that in all aspects of my life. I am also still shocked that it is already 2018 and having to remember to put 2018 instead of 2017 is my current struggle.

Starting 2018 With My Best Foot ForwardStarting 2018 With My Best Foot Forward Starting 2018 With My Best Foot ForwardStarting 2018 With My Best Foot ForwardStarting 2018 With My Best Foot ForwardStarting 2018 With My Best Foot Forward

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Being Positive

2017 was a tough year. A lot of up and downs with my personal life and professional life. Being positive is one of my weaknesses and I need to do a better job. I am always a negative Nancy when it comes to things pertaining to me. I am always judging myself and believing I am not good enough for a guy or a job or a friendship or even not having a good enough body. I think that being so negative is one of the causes of my constant high stress level.

If I have a better outlook on things in my life that I should be less stressed and happier. I think we all need to stop comparing ourselves to other people and that is also a big thing I need to work on as well. I have to love myself for who I am, body and all and live life in health, peace and happiness. It is hard for me to do but it is only the first week of the new year so I have a long way to go.

Trying New Things

I find myself sticking with my own habits and not venturing far out of my comfort zone. This post is a  starting point, really sharing a side of myself that is not just fashion on the blog. I want to be more relatable on my platform so that people come to it for more than just outfit inspiration. I usually go to the same restaurants and order the same item. I have a whole list of restaurants I want to visit in Atlanta and I just need to GO!

For several months I have been in a sort of slump that has made me more of a homebody and it was super hard to get out and go on adventures. This year I will put all efforts to break my comfort zone. Really get out there to meet new people, go to new places and make an effort to improve my lifestyle.

There was this Christmas pop up bar in Buckhead that I went with my cousin, his friend and my sister. I wanted to go to this bar so bad and even though I got so many no’s from different people I finally found a way to get myself there. It was amazing! I think the best part was just feeling like wow I did not give up and tried a new thing before the year was over.

Self Care

Taking care of myself is another way to positively effect my life this year. I usually put other people first and put all my energy in pleasing others. There is no more super nice Danielle who gets taken advantage of or walked all over. Taking care of myself will give me more confidence, less stress and a more happier self. This all includes the occasional massage or facial as well as cutting out the toxic people in my life. It is really hard to let people go but it feels so much better in the end. It is like a weight is lifted from your shoulder. When someone shows you their true colors the first time you better believe them! That is a motto from my coworker that I am taking very seriously going forward.

Worrying less is also another task that I have challenged myself with. My mother got me this book by Dr. Mark Reinecke called “20 lessons for managing worry, anxiety, and fear. – Little Ways to Keep Calm and Carry On”. I flipped to a random page and it was titled worrying is highly overrated. To myself I said ” wow this cannot be any more perfect” and started to read! It talks about unproductive worrying and productive worrying. It is pretty obvious that we all do a lot of unproductive worrying. I am a true example of a super unproductive worrier. Unproductive worrying is “very unpleasant and is companied by high levels of anxiety and loss of focus on even simple tasks”. For the longest time I thought maybe I have a learning disability or something that is taking a toll on my focus when studying. If it is true this may be the key to my problem and I just need to let it all go and listen to Elsa from Frozen.

I am very excited to see what 2018 holds! What are some of your new years resolutions?


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